Rollins will gradually transition to Microsoft Teams as our videoconferencing solution, turning off Webex on December 15.

Teams will give the Rollins community a clear and unified videoconferencing experience and improved accessibility features. It also is a better choice for financial and support resources: Teams is included with Microsoft 365, and we can provide better support for your specific needs by all focusing on one solution.

What do I need to do?
• Keep doing what you’re doing: this transition is designed to be gradual; you can keep using whichever tool you’re familiar with (Webex, Zoom, or Teams) for now
• Watch for future updates and information: we’ll communicate throughout the transition, sharing training materials and support resources as we develop them

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Getting Started: Transitioning from Webex to Teams

How will the transition to Teams affect you? The articles listed below are the top 5 things you should do now to prepare.

1) Access Teams
2) Install the Teams app(s)
3) Review your notification preferences
4) Explore additional Teams resources
5) Download Webex recordings