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In this article, you’ll learn how to join a meeting, schedule a meeting, record a meeting, chat with others, share content, and participate in breakout rooms.



  • Download Microsoft Teams
  • Schedule a Meeting
  • Join Your Class Team
  • Record the meeting
  • Join a Class Meeting in Teams
  • Group Collaboration and Breakout Sessions


Download Microsoft Teams

  • Download the Microsoft Teams application.
    • The desktop Teams app is recommended over the web browser app since some features are not available in the web app.
  • It is recommended that you also install the Teams app on your mobile device.
    • The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. 
    • Mobile app users will not be able to initiate a channel call in an unscheduled meeting (i.e. Meet Now). 

Join Your Class Team

  • Your instructor will add you to a class "Team." If you aren't sure which option you should use to join the Team, ask your instructor. 
  • Once you join the Team, you may want to customize your preferences for receiving notifications, Managing Notifications and Settings.

Join a Class Meeting in Teams


Schedule a Meeting

Scheduling a meeting allows you to send an invite to the people you would like to attend the meeting. It will be saved on your calendar and you will be prompted to join it once the date and time has arrived.

1. Click on the Calendar tab at the left navigation bar.
2. Name your meeting and fill out the meeting details such as the attendees, date, and time.
3. Add your attendees by typing in their name (if part of the organization/school) or enter a email addresses (guests).
4. Click Send. You will be taken to your calendar, where can you see the meeting has been added. The meeting will also be visible in your Outlook calendar.


Record a meeting

Any Teams meeting or call can be recorded for later viewing. The recording captures audio, video, and screen sharing activity, and you can share it securely across your organization.

1. During a meeting, select More actions from the meeting controls, then click Start recording.

For security and privacy reasons, all participants in the meeting will be notified that the recording has started. Only meeting organizers and presenters can record meetings.

3. Once you are ready to stop recording, go to the meeting controls and select More actions Stop Recording.

Recordings can be found in the meeting chat or saved into the Recording folder on OneDrive. 


Group Collaboration and Breakout Sessions

  • Your instructor may set up "channels" in the Team for group collaboration. Each channel provides a space for group members to chat, have a video meeting, share files, and collaboratively edit files. 
  • When you go to a channel for a small group break-out meeting, one member of the group will need to start a meeting in the group channel. The other group members will click the Join button to join the meeting. To learn more, see Starting a Meeting in a Breakout Channel

  • If you do not have access to a Teams channel for group collaboration, you could create your own Team and invite your group members to the Team. To learn more, see How to create a Team.


Share Content

You can share your screen in a meeting and include the computer sound. You can also share PowerPoint slides in a meeting. To learn more, see these articles:



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