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Plan Information

Medical coverage is offered through the Independent College and University Benefits Association (ICUBA). Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of Florida administers the medical plans, processes claims, and provides the worldwide PPO network.

Rollins offers the Preferred PPO and $4000/$8000 Deductible PPO plans.  See below for plan descriptions and rates:


Both medical plans do not require primary care physicians or referrals to specialists.  Both plans provide in and out-of-network coverage, include prescription coverage, and a college funded Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). ​​​​​​BCBS also administers the pharmacy benefit for both medical plans. Show your BCBS card to the pharmacist for prescriptions.

The Strive wellbeing program is included with enrollment in the ICUBA medical plan. 

Aetna administers the behavioral health/substance abuse benefit for the medical plans. The benefit provides outpatient visits at the primary physician copay. For further information on network and benefits, visit ICUBA by bswift through and click on the single sign-on feature for Aetna. There is a separate card for Aetna Behavioral Health. 

For more information on this benefit, please visit the ICUBA by bswift:

Contact Information

  • Online: ICUBA by bswift through
  • BCBS: 855.258.9029
  • Aetna Behavioral Health: 877.398-5816



Employees: Regular full time employees who are scheduled to work over 1,462 hours per year.

Eligible Dependents

  • Legal spouse
  • Dependent children through the end of the calendar year they reach age 26
  • Step children, if providing support, through the end of the calendar year they reach age 26
  • Same or opposite gender partners See Policy for Domestic Partners
  • Children of domestic partner through the end of the calendar year they reach age 26

How to View Your Claims, Explanation of Benefits (EOB) or ID card

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  • Once in the bswift website, click on "BCBS MyHealthToolkit Portal" under My Carrier Accounts

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  • You may view your ID card at the link on top of the page:

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  • Your health claims will be listed on the main page. You may also click on View all Claims under the listed claims. 

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  • Click on the claim to view details. The Amount You May Owe Your Provider is what BCBS states you owe based on plan benefits. Note that BCBS does not have a record of what you actually paid to the provider so you may need to reconcile any refunds or payments directly with the provider.  

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