MS Teams Meetings Recordings

This article will walk through the options to manage access and share (as well as, download)Microsoft Teams recordings.


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Managing and Sharing Teams Recordings 

When a Microsoft Teams meeting is recorded, those that are invited to attend the meeting will have access to the recording.

  • Playing and/or downloading a recording is great for reviewing content and for those who did not attend to receive the information.

  • Expiration dates (which can be removed or modified) are set automatically to help manage multiple files.

  • Managed access enables those selected by the owner can access the recordings.

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How to Locate Recordings


Most commonly the meeting recording is processed and saved to the Organizer's OneDrive.
(Note: Recordings can be in stored different places depending on the origination of the meeting.)

To access recordings through OneDrive:

  1. Log into your OneDrive account through your Okta account.
  2. Open the Recordings folder to see a list of recordings.



You can also access it through a meeting chat or team site channel. Every meeting has the potential to have its own chat if it had some interaction during the meeting.

If you had a chat for the recorded meeting, you can access the recording as follows:

  1. Open Teams.
  2. Select the Chat on the left navigation bar.

  3. Select the recording chat, and you will see the meeting recording.   


Meeting within a Channel

If you had a Meeting within a Channel on a Team Site, you can access the recording as follows:

  1. Open Teams.
  2. Select Teams on the left navigation bar, and select the Teams site.

  3. Then select the channel you had the meeting in, and you'll be able to see the recording link.


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How to Manage Access to Recordings

You can manage and adjust access to a Teams recording before or after you share it and even if you haven’t shared it yet.

To access the recording in One Drive:

  1. Click the More button (three dots).

  2. Then choose Manage Access

    (Note: This is different from the Share option.)

The Manage access pop-up window will open on the right side where you can select the appropriate options:

  • Stop sharing by clicking Stop sharing at the top.

  • Start sharing by clicking Share.

  • Grant direct access by clicking the plus people sign.

  • Adjust access by clicking the drop-down box next to a user or group.

  • View additional permissions and access for the team by clicking Advanced.

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