Breakout Rooms in Teams


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What do I need to know about breakout rooms?

Who can create breakout rooms?

  • Only meeting organizers can create breakout rooms.
  • After rooms are created, meeting organizer can assign room managers.

When can I create breakout rooms?

  • Breakout rooms can be created ahead of time or during a meeting.
  • Breakout room settings need to set before the rooms are opened. Once they're opened, the settings icon is unavailable.

Where do I access breakout rooms?

  • During a meeting, click on the Rooms icon from the meeting controls.
  • Before a meeting, open the meeting invite from your Teams calendar and click on Breakout rooms

What breakout room features are available?

  • Some features have to be turned on before the rooms are opened. Once the rooms are opened, the room settings option is unavailable.
  • You can assign people manually to a room or Teams can automatically assign them.
  • Participants can be automatically sent to rooms or have the option to join when they're ready.
  • Rooms can be manually opened or closed. Or, you can set a time limit for the rooms.
  • Only the Organizer can send an announcement that goes to all rooms.
  • See more breakout room features and directions

How do I access breakout room chat, files, or recordings?

  • Breakout rooms generate their own chat and files area, separate from the main meeting. 
  • The meeting organizer and the room participants keep access to these materials after the room has closed, but meeting participants will not be able to continue chatting or add additional materials.

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