Microsoft Teams: Start a break out session

Note: Before you can use Teams for breakout groups in your class, you will need to create channels for your breakout groups

Start a breakout session 

  1. While in the main call or meeting, click Teams to return to the channel page (e.g. General). Do not hang up.



       2. Click the channel you want to host the breakout session in. (E.g. Group 1)  


  1. Click the Meet icon in the top right corner of the screen to start another call. This will put the first call on hold. 


To switch between calls without ending them, click the Play icon in the call pop-up.  



Tips for students: When you start a breakout session, the first call will be put on hold, and you can see how long it has been on hold. You can use this as a timer to know when to come back to the first call  



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