Campus Wide Emails


This service is for requesting access to send campus wide emails via the following methods:

  • Critical Sender Request
  • Regroup

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Critical Senders

Critical email messages are defined as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Messages from the President, Cabinet members, or other senior administrative officials, Associate Vice President level or above, regarding College business or policy changes.
  • Messages announcing a problem, outage, or closure of a critical function, such as water, power, parking, network, or online systems.
  • Messages related to the safety (physical, cyber, or otherwise) of the campus community.

These email messages are classified as critical and therefore, recipients will not be able to unsubscribe from them. If you believe that you should be given access to send email messages classified as critical, you must receive authorization from your Vice President or Associate Vice Present. You can submit this request by clicking on Request Critical Sender Privileges.

Campus Mailing List Access Request

All other campus-wide communications should go through communication system Regroup. You can submit a request for access to Regroup by clicking on Campus Mailing List Access Request.

Campus Mailing List Access Request Critical Sender Request


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