Printing Issue


This service is for reporting printing issues including the following:

  • Paper jams
  • Printer Errors
  • Printing streaks, discoloration, etc
  • PaperCut Errors
  • Print Release Issues
  • WebPrint Issues

Common issue descriptions:

  • My printer is giving an error code with a wrench.
  • My PaperCut account was charged for a print job that did not release.
  • I'm not receiving the PaperCut budget pop-up when I print.
  • My printer keeps jamming.
  • I'm unable to upload files to WebPrint.

Related Policies and Articles

Printer issues should be reported for campus provided printers (e.g., Toshiba and Epson printers). Rollins Support and Outreach does not support personal desktop printers.

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