MediaSite - T495 Settings

Currently, AMD T495 laptops are not able to connect to MediaSite. The display will know there is a connection but the display will remain black. To fix this issue, HDCP Support must be disabled in the AMD Radeon settings panel:

  1. Open AMD Radeon Settings:

  2. Click Display:

  3. Find your Crestron display:

  4. Select Specs:

  5. Click Override:

  6. Click the toggle to disable HDCP Support (WARNING - Selecting this option will immediately restart your machine! Make sure all work is saved first and apps closed out):

  7. After your computer reboots, you should now be able to connect to MediaSite
    1. Be aware that this could have an adverse effect on things like watching Netflix or other movie streaming services


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Fri 11/8/19 7:42 AM
Mon 4/5/21 8:24 AM