OneDrive Canvas Integration

Instructors can access their Office 365 account to share OneDrive files within Canvas. Available features are described below. 

  1. Instructors can access OneDrive files within their Microsoft Office 365 account in Canvas. 
  2. Instructors can share OneDrive files in Modules. (Directions to do this are provided below.)
    1. Click on the Modules link.
    2. Select the + icon under the desired Module.

    3. Click on the link for Office 365.

    4. Choose the file.
    5. Click Attach File.

  3. Instructors can share OneDrive files in any Rich Content Editor Page. 
    1. A plus sign can be found in Modules, Assignments, Discussions, Syllabus, Pages, etc. in order to access the Rich Content Editor page. 

    2. Click on the external tools "V" icon and select Microsoft Office 365. 

  4. Instructors can create a cloud assignment using a OneDrive file as a template.
    1. Students can edit the template given to them (as instructed above) and upload it as their assignment submission. 
  5. Instructors can give students access to collaborate on an Office 365 file. 


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