How to Connect to Air Media 2 - Mac

  1. Turn on the Air Media display in the classroom
    1. If you are in a study room with a TV, turn on the TV and change the input to HDMI 2. If you have a remote control for the television, look for the button that says Input or Source to switch to HDMI.​​​​​​
    2. If you are in the classroom with a Air Media panel, turn on the panel and select Crestron

  2. The bottom left of the display will have the information you need to connect (site to visit & code to connect):

  3. In your preferred browser, go to the URL listed on the bottom left of the display:

  4. Click on Start Presenting:

  5. If you do not have the AirMedia application already, click on the option to download it:
    1. If you have difficulty installing the app (such as an "unmountable disk" error), restart your computer and redownload the app. 

  6. In the Finder application go to Downloads and find the AirMedia file, then click the file to install application.


  7. In the Finder window that pops-up, double-click on Crestron AirMedia to download. 

  8. Due to your security settings, you may see this message pop up. Click OK to continue. If you don't have this issue, please skip to step 13

  9. Open the System Preferences:

  10. Click on Security & Privacy:

  11. Under the General tab, ensure that you Allow apps downloaded from the App Store and identiied developers, then click Open Anyway:

  12.  On the window that pops up, click Open to confirm:

  13.  The AirPlay Guidance window should pop-up:

  14. Click on the AirPlay icon in the top right of the menu bar:

  15. Click on the IP address of the room you would like to connect to:
    1. Sometimes AirMedia may appear in the AirPlay menu instead of the IP address. 

  16. In the pop-up, type in the code that is on the bottom left of the AirMedia screen on the display:
    1. Note - this code changes after each connection
    2. If you see an error message that said "Could not connect", make sure to enter the right code on the screen. 
    3. If you can't find the IP address on AirPlay menu, quit Crestron and re-launch the app, then repeat step 15

  17. You are now able to connect your Mac via AirMedia.
  18. To disconnect, go back to AirPlay and click Turn AirPlay Off.


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