How to Connect to AirMedia 2 - PC

  1. Turn on the Air Media display in the classroom
    1. If you are in a study room with a TV, turn on the TV and change the input to HDMI 2
    2. If you are in the classroom with a Crestron panel, turn on the panel and select Air Media
  2. The bottom left of the display will have the information you need to connect (site to visit & code to connect):

  3. In your preferred browser, go to the URL listed on the bottom left of the display:

  4. Click on Start Presenting:

  5. If you already have AirMedia installed already, it won't take more than 20 seconds to launch. 
  6. If you do not have the AirMedia application installed, click on the option to download it.

  7. When this message pops up, click Run in order to continue the download. 

  8. In the pop-up, type in the code that is on the bottom left of the AirMedia screen on the display:
    1. Note - this code changes after each connection

  9. You are now able to present through AirMedia. 
  10. To disconnect, click the Stop button. 


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