Classroom Computer (all Windows)

Computers running Windows operating system with a projected display are available in select classrooms across campus.


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What is it? 

Computers can and have transformed teaching and learning by helping instructors engage students in new ways. Rollins' IT maintains installed desktop computers in select classrooms for courses, presentations, and events.

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How does it work? 

Generally used for audio/video purposes, the computers have a range of software applications already installed and ready to use. However, the first time you sign in, the computer needs to make a profile for your account.  This process takes longer than a typical sign-in, so doing it before classes begin will help speed up future sign-in experiences. Follow this link for more information on logging onto a classroom computer.

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Where can I find it?

To locate a classroom with a lectern/podium computer please click on the link below and follow the instructions provided.

Classroom Computer (all Windows)

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How do I use it?

Computers in the classroom are not dissimilar to computers in other places, the hardware and software configurations are similar to those in lab and offices around campus.  

Users must first sign in, the computer needs to make a profile for your account.  

  1. To sign in to Class Computer
    1. Turn on the computer if it is not already on.
    2. Sign in with your Rollins ID (without @rollins), and password.
    3. Go to the Start menu and click the power button
    4. Choose "Restart"
    5. This restart will be longer than future restarts
    6. Sign in again, and you are ready to go.

More information can be found in the Classroom Computer Setup article.

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What do I do if it is not working?

If computer hardware and/or software (supported applications) that is used in conjunction with AV presentation systems in the classroom is in need of attention please contact the help desk. 

  1. Support for classroom computers is managed by IT, through the help desk. 
    1. To contact the Help Desk...
      1. Email the IT Help Desk 
      2. Phone: (407-628-6363).

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How do I use it in the classroom?

Using computers to enhance classroom learning can not only helps the students learn, but it helps teachers teach their students more information. Here are some of the ways computers can benefit classroom learning.

  • View documentaries, news clips, interviews, and other video clips to bring in a multimodal awareness of course concepts.
    • Video can offer richer learning opportunities that can help make connections between class work and ‘real life’ easier for students, beyond a lecture or reading. "A picture is worth a thousand words."
    • Collect, review, and edit sources prior to class that has good synergy with the prepared lesson. Present as part of the blocks or chunks with active learning activities throughout the lesson. 
  • Project/show on the screen exemplary student work (with permission).
    • This helps to keep learners engaged when they know that what they produce is likely to be shared with their peers.
    • Pre-load and set expectations of shared work by gaining agreement with the learners via syllabus statements, short classroom conversations, and assignment instructions. Then with the work displayed, look to generate ideas and constructive decisions on the next steps with the class. 
  • Get creative by having your students review, annotate, and share a live image, doc, or any web page, at the same time.
    • Collect ideas and create a group thinking activity that can be shared live and saved to be used by students for exam review and teacher mid-course re-evaluation.
    • Use apps like Perusall to display a doc or image and have the students use their devices to simultaneously share their ideas with the class.

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