Canvas: Submitting Files for rFLA Assessment

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Step 1: Remove name(s) from Document

  1. Remove all instances of your name from the document. This includes removing your name from the beginning of the document, the header and footer, and the name of the file itself.

Step 2: Save your submission as one (1) PDF file

  1. Before you submit to Canvas, make sure that any documents have been combined into one pdf document. Please view the links below for specific instructions on converting files to PDF format.

Step 3: Rename your file to indicate the course level and assignment you are submitting to

  1. The file name should include the course level you are submitting for (e.g., 100, 200, 300)

  2. It should also include the assignment you are submitting for (e.g., information literacy, integrative learning, critical thinking, written communication)

Step 4: Submit your File

  1. Access the 20-21 rFLA Assessment course in Canvas.
    Note: If you do not see the assessment course on your Dashboard, click Courses (located on the global navigation menu), then All Courses. If you do not see the course listed, contact the IT help desk for assistance.

  2. Locate the appropriate module for the course level (e.g., 100-Level) to which you are submitting.

  3. Click on the assignment name

  4. Click on Submit Assignment
    Note: If you are submitting for more than one course in a level -- 
    two 200-level courses, for example -- the button will read Resubmit Assignment the second time you submit. 

  5. Locate the File Upload area. You may need to scroll down to see this.

  6. Click Choose File to upload the file from your computer 

  7. Click Submit Assignment at the bottom of the page


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