Microsoft Teams: Joining a Class Team as a Student

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There are three ways your instructor can add you to the team for your class. 

If your instructor has already added you in your class  

All teams that you are a part of will be displayed in the "Teams" section. After accessing Teams, click the Teams button on the menu on the left side of your screen to see all teams you have access to. (Note: Teams can be a bit tricky to navigate at first. If you ever get lost, you can always return to the Teams screen by clicking the Teams button on the left side of your screen. Think of it as your Home page.) 


If your instructor has sent you a join link for the team 

To be taken directly to the team, click on the link or copy and paste it into your web browser. 

If your instructor has sent you the team code 

  1. Go to the Teams page 

  1. Click Join or create team in the top-right corner of your screen 

  1. Enter the code in the search bar of the tile that says "Join a team with a code" 

  1. Click the Join team button below the search bar that appears after you enter the code 



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