How to create a Qualtrics survey from a file

Section 1: Create a survey from a file

  1. Log on to and sign in with your Rollins credentials


      2. Click on the Qualtrics tile

black and white tiles that says qualtrics


     3. Click Create Project

blue button create new project


    4.Click Survey

click the survey symbol


      5. Click From a File tab,

      6. Click Choose File

click from a file then click choose file


      7. Select file with .qsf extension from your computer

      8. Click Get Started on the right-hand side         





Section 2: Modify survey

Edit a question

  1. Click on the question you want to change to edit

Add a question

  1. Click on the green button with the plus sign Create new question 


Delete a question

  1. Hover on the question you want to delete
  2. Click the red remove button



Section 3: Publish the survey

  1. Click on the Publish button, then click Publish on the pop-up


click green publish button then click blue publish button


2. Share your survey using the link provided







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