Data Governance Project Intake Form

Please use this form to submit an issue or request to the data governance committee (DGC) after consulting with your DGC representative or data steward. This form helps ensure:

  • Departments and units articulate their data governance ideas, inquiries, requests, and/or issues in a clear, comprehensive, and concise manner
  • DGC has consistent, cohesive, and complete information for intaking, evaluating and making informed decision about a request
  • Communication and feedback processes are transparent to everyone involved in the process.

Your submitted request will be triaged by the Data Governance Team (which includes the Chief Data Officer and all DGC Ex-officio members) for alignment with campus priorities, relevance to the Data Governance policies and the current workload capacity of all stakeholders and DGC itself. Priority issues will be brought to the committee to incorporate into their work.

Please DO NOT use this form to:

  • Request data 
  • Request access to a system or report
  • Inquire about data privacy, security policies, website updates, personal record updates etc.
Data Governance Project Intake Form


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