How to backup your OneDrive for Business

When you leave Rollins, access to files you have stored in OneDrive will be lost, therefore, you will need to download your OneDrive files to your personal laptop/computer if you would like to retain them. Additionally, if you have shared any files via a share link, the share link won't be accessible any longer once the files are deleted.

  1. Download OneDrive onto your Mac/PC if it is not downloaded already.
  2. Follow these directions to access your Rollins OneDrive account and sync your OneDrive files to your laptop/computer. 

Please note to make sure you are syncing all the files.  Also make sure the files are available offline (the file with the green check means it is available offline. Once all your files are available offline you have completed the sync. To make the file available offline you might have to click and open the file.

Or you can uncheck this box in settings.


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