How to edit group info


Important: You must be a group administrator to edit group settings.

As a group administrator, you are able to edit group info settings for your group such as:

  • Basic info 
  • Group URL
  • Contact info 
  • Labels


  1. Go to the group that you would like to add an admin to 
  2. Click Settings at the top of the group page
  3. Select the Group Info tab from the menu (it should default to this tab)
  4. Adjust basic info settings:
    1. Group Name
    2. Group Description - The group description text box has formatting features including text formatting, text alignment, bullets, hyperlinks, anchors, tables, and source code.
    3. Group privacy (public or private)
  5. Adjust group URL (the default is the name of the group)
  6. Adjust contact info settings:
    1. Email
    2. Website
    3. Phone type/number
    4. Location
  7. Add/remove labels
    1. If you would like to add a label that is not available in the drop-down, please submit a MyRollins support request.
  8. Click Save Changes
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