MyRollins Announcements Guidelines


The MyRollins portal provides ways for all members of the Rollins campus community to receive important information.  

Announcements generally affect at least one of the following groups: faculty, staff, and students, and can be general information or more time-bound, action-oriented items communicated in one of three ways. Announcements fall into three categories/types: notices, alerts, and emergency announcements.

Announcements must be submitted at least three business days in advance of post date.

Types of announcements

Notices (show up in the announcement and activity feed; they do not show up on the dashboard)

Notices provide important information to a user’s activity feed and the notification bell. They may also be sent via email. Notices will be displayed no more than five business days.


  • Non-critical updates and announcements
  • Messages announcing a policy or operational change.
  • Important upcoming dates and deadlines (seven+ days out) 

Event announcements should be posted within the Group to which the event belongs. Discussion posts within MyRollins groups serve the same purpose as a notice, just without the ability to send an email.

Alerts (show up on the dashboard and are given "priority announcement" status)

Alerts provide urgent, deadline-driven information to users (e.g., the last day to register for classes). Alerts are issued to the top of a user’s dashboard, notification bell, and activity feed. They may also be sent via email. Alerts will be displayed no more than three business days unless necessary due to the problem, outage, or closure of a critical function.

All alerts allow for the dismissal of alerts or for users to acknowledge.


  • Action needed deadlines (three days or less out) 
  • Messages announcing a problem, outage, or closure of a critical function, such as water, power, parking, network, or online systems.

Emergency Alerts (are given "priority announcement" status)

Emergency alerts provide urgent emergency information to users (e.g. immediate action needed related to a weather-related emergency). Like RAVE announcements, emergency alerts require immediate action or provide information related to a pending situation such as a natural disaster.

  • Approved publishers: Campus Safety, Public Information Officers 

When to use MyRollins Group posts and Regroup/Email for announcements?

A MyRollins Group post (from the Group) or email (utilizing Regroup) is for other communications and announcements. Examples include department newsletters, organization updates, GetInvolved event emails, etc. 

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