Use LastPass to create and store your passwords.


LastPass is a password manager and can be used to create secure passwords and can store your passwords. LastPass is free to use unless you need to share a password with your team. If you need to share a password, we can look at purchasing a licensed version of LastPass which is about $46 / year / user. 

Creating and Storing a password with LastPass

  1. You should install LastPass on your browser of choice you can do that here
  2. Click the LastPass extension and you will see this menu:

  3. Click on Generate Secure Password
  4. You can change some of these options in the generate password menu:

  5. Once the password has been generated, you can store it in a secure note so that you do not need to remember it
    1. Click the Copy button next to the generated password:

    2. Click the Back button
    3. Click Add item

    4. Click Secure Note

    5. Paste the password in the note field and provide a name for your password. You can also choose to store it in a folder:

    6. Then you can search LastPass for the password you saved. Once you find the password you saved you can copy and paste it into your application as needed. 



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