How to Install the SAS Client

  1. Access the SAS for Staff installer (S4Sinstall.exe) via the Share drive: \\\share\ITHelpDesk\Software Installs\SASforStaff
    1. If you receive an access denied error, please make sure you are typing the full path above 
  2. Right click the installer to Run as Administrator:

  3. Click Run:

  4. Wait for the installer to load (~ 2 minutes)
  5. Select which language to use:

  6. Make sure the following options are checked: SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office, SAS Client Connection Profile Configuration, and SAS Enterprise Guide then click Next:

  7. Select 64-bit Native Mode (if both the computer and Microsoft Office are 64-bit, otherwise select 32-bit compatibility mode) then click Next:

  8. Click Next until you reach the screen to start the deployment and click Start:

  9. Once the installation is complete, run the SAS Enterprise Guide and check if there is a profile 
  10. If no profile (No profile selected appearing in the top right):
    1. Select Tools then Connections:

    2. Click Add:

    3. Fill out the pop-up with the following information:
      1. Name: SASApp on SASProd01
      2. Machine:
      3. Check the box next to Use Integrated Windows Authentication
    4. Hit Save
  11. If there’s a message noting An update is available at the top left then click the View details link that appears to the right of that and install the updates:

    1. If you receive an error when updating, follow these instructions
  12. Open Word and Excel to confirm the SAS add-in is present:


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