Extend your Computer Display

Extending displays means that your computer interprets the monitors, projectors, and/or screens that you are extending the image to as separate devices. You can set it up to see different things on each monitor, and your same desktop background is displayed on each screen.


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What is it? 

You can adjust the display settings to use two or more scenes as separate displays. When used as a separate display, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations will display Presenter Notes to the computer, but not to the external display (projector).

Computer only – is the default option – only displays on the main (or a single) monitor.
Extend – makes all of your monitors act like one big monitor extending the desktop across all of them.
Duplicate – makes all of the monitors display the same thing by duplicating the desktop on each monitor.
Projector only – Displays only on the secondary monitor like a projector.

Note: The duplicate or mirror display setting is typically the default when connected to external displays.

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How to Extend your Display on Mac

1. Click on the Apple menu 

2. Select System Preferences (System Settings in macOS 13 Ventura)

3. Select Displays


4. Click Display Settings… at the bottom


5. Click the name of your display (e.g. Crestron), then choose Extended display from the "Use as" drop menu



Tip: You can also access Display Settings from the Control Center.

For more information, see Use one or more external displays with your Mac


How to Extend your Display on Windows

  1. Open Windows Settings:

  2. Click on System:

  3. Scroll down to multiple displays and select Extend these displays:

  4. You can also hit the Windows key + P on the keyboard and select Extend from the pop-up:

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What do I do if it is not working?

If computer hardware and/or software (supported applications) that is used in conjunction with AV presentation systems in the classroom is in need of attention please contact the help desk. 

  1. Support for classroom technology is managed by IT, through the help desk. 
    1. To contact the Help Desk...
      1. Email the IT Help Desk helpdesk@rollins.edu 
      2. Phone: (407-628-6363).

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How do I use it in the classroom?

Using computers to enhance classroom learning can not only helps the students learn, but it helps teachers teach their students more information. Here are some of the ways computers can benefit classroom learning.

  • Queueing

    • Many instructors like to open all the tabs they will need before class begins, and just display them as needed. In dual screen mode, you can leave those pre-loaded tabs on your instructor's laptop, and just drag them over to the projector when you need them.

  • Attendance, polling, and other data collection

    • You can display a warm-up question, activity, or short video on your projector at the start of class while you take attendance on your laptop’s screen.

  • Slideshow Presenter View

    • ​​​​​​​You can use the Presenter View features of PowerPoint or Google Slides to show your notes on your laptop while the students see the full-screen show.

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