Foliotek Submission Instructions for English

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If you are using Safari, you may not be able to access Foliotek. Either use another browser or click this link for directions to change a browser setting in Safari before completing the steps below.  

Navigate to the English Portfolio

  1. Click on this link for directions to access the assessment area of Foliotek, especially if this is your first time submitting to Foliotek.  

    Note: If you do not see the Foliotek course on the Dashboard, click on Courses, then All Courses. If it is not listed in All Courses, contact the IT help desk for assistance.

  2. If English Portfolio is not displayed, you will need to Change/Add Portfolio

  3. Hover your mouse over Change/Add Portfolio located in the top left of the screen

  4. Click on English Portfolio. If you do not see it in the drop-down menu, follow these directions to add the English Portfolio using a code.


Submit Your File

  1. On the left menu under English Portfolio, click Writing Artifact

  2. Click on Argument Paper

  3. Click "+ Add File"

  4. Make sure the default Upload new file option is selected and click next

  5. Click "+ Add Files"

  6. Once your upload is complete, as indicated by the progress bar, click OK



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