PHStat Installation for Mac

  1. Confirm you are using Excel 2016
  2. Confirm that the PHStat plug in has been downloaded on your mac (section 3)
  3. Move the PHstat.xlam file from the downloads folder into a permanent location (ex. folder in documents)
    1. It is recommended to move the entire PHstat folder to documents
  4. Double-click on the PHstat.xlam file - it should open in excel
  5. Check to see if the PHstat tab is available in the office ribbon
  6. If it is not in the office ribbon:
    1. Click on Tools
    2. In the drop-down, click on Excel Add-ins...
    3. Check the box for PHStat
    4. If PHStat is not available in the pop-up: click Browse, open the folder where you moved the PHstat files, and select PHstat.xlam
    5. Click OK
  7. Restart Excel
  8. Confirm that the PHStat tab automatically appears in the office ribbon


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