Password Tips & Suggestions


  1. Your password must be at least 16 characters in length.

Tips & Suggestions:

  1. Choose a password that has unique words - do not use common words or words that are similar because these are susceptible to password brute forcing.
    1. The litmus test here is "can I search for this word on the web and get hits?" If it does, try another!
  2. Mix it up! Use misspelled words, spaces, numbers and punctuation - all of which strengthen passwords.
    1. Example: My C@ts are 2 Qute!
  3. Don't use popular words, quotes, song lyrics or lines from movies.
  4. Don't use the sample password shared in the tips section.
  5. Don't use personal information like names, birthdays, etc.
  6. Don't share your password with anyone.
  7. DegreeWorks users: Avoid using &, $, +, %, and quotation marks.
  8. Mac users: When you change your Rollins password, you will have to update the password in your keychain in order to print. Follow these instructions to update the keychain.
  9. Information Technology will NEVER ask you for your password, either personally or via email. If you receive an email asking you to give account information, it is a phishing scam - do not do it!


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