Access Foliotek

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  1. Log in to your Canvas account. 
  2. Locate the appropriate Foliotek course.
    Note: On your Dashboard, you should see either a Faculty & Staff: Foliotek ePortfolio course or a Student: Foliotek ePortfolio course. If you do not see it on the Dashboard, please click on Courses, then All Courses. If you do not see the course listed in All Courses, please contact the IT help desk for assistance.

  3. Once you are in the Foliotek course, on the course menu (located on the left), click on Foliotek.

  4. If this is your first time accessing Foliotek, you may see "Create your account." Type your first name, last name, and Rollins email below and create a password for your Foliotek account. Afterwards click Sign Up.

  5. You may see "One quick thing" next, click the box "I'm not a robot"

  6. Input your anticipated month and year of graduation, then click Next.

  7. After reading the User License Agreement click the box below if you are "over the age of 16," then type your initials in the larger box below it. The click Next.

  8. Verify that your name and Rollins email is correctly spelled then click Perfect! Let's go!

  9. After verifying, wait until all four items are checked.

  10. You should then have access to your Foliotek Account. 




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