Study Spaces Available via the My Rollins App

List of spaces available by building

All spaces are quiet study, which means reasonable speaking volume, unless otherwise noted in the app. Silent study spaces are only located in the Olin Library.

Olin Library 53 spaces
Orlando Hall 6 spaces
Bush Science Center 8 spaces
Kathleen W. Rollins Hall 13 spaces
Hauck Hall 2 spaces
Reeves Lodge 2 spaces
Cornell Social Sciences 8 spaces
170 West Fairbanks 2 spaces


Q: Can I book multiple times for a space? 

A: Yes, you can. It has been designed for flexibility so that you can use the space for a virtual class that may have different meeting times. 

Q: Can I cancel a booking? 

A: Yes! When you click on your booking, there is a cancel option at the top right of the screen.

Q: Can I search for open spaces? 

A: Not at this time. 


Q: What do I need to do when I arrive at my booked space? 

A: You will use the app to scan the QR code located at the space to check in. Once you do that, please wipe down the space before use. In the app, the QR code scan is in the upper right of Home. 


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