Webex: Student Guide

What is Webex?

Webex is a video conferencing tool, which can be used for synchronous meetings. Webex allows you to join a meeting using real-time audio and video, share files or PPT presentations, or share your screen for demonstrations. You can access Webex on a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.

Accessing Webex for the first time

Joining your Class Session in Webex

Using Webex for Group Work or Collaboration 

  • As a full-time student at Rollins, you have access to your own personal room in Webex. You may use your personal meeting room to meet with a group to collaborate on a project or practice giving a presentation in Webex if one of your instructors is asking you to do this during a live class session.

  • Please note that the URL for your student Webex room is not the same as the URL for your instructors. The best way to find your Webex room URL is to log in to rollins.okta.com and click on the Webex tile. You can copy the URL to your personal room and share it with your instructor and classmates as needed.
    • Locate the URL for your personal meeting room, which is located above the “Start Meeting” button. This is the link you will share with others to access the meeting.

Webex Resources and Tutorials


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